January 09, 2020

Why Opt For A Professional Hair Dryer?

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Hairdryers are indispensable accessories in the lives of modern women who do not give up beauty at any time.But when wondering which model to choose, it is important to know that there are some punctual differences between professional and household dryers.

Household Dryers

If you don't make constant use of dryers, you don't need to invest in a professional dryer, unless paying more is not a problem.A more basic dryer will do the job properly too.

However, if you use a hair dryer often, almost every time you wash your hair, then it is good to invest in a hair dryer because continuous use of hair dryers causes damage to the hair, and professional models usually have more features. for the purpose of inhibiting such damage.

With the evolution of these devices, especially professionals, they are increasingly powerful and their technology provides accessories that moisturize the wires during the procedure.


See Below Why Choose A Professional Hair Dryer.


The price says a lot about the products.Some very cheap handsets do not have the same benefits as others with higher prices.It is a fact that more expensive products are made of better materials and have other features. But by searching well at kalistasalon.com hairdryers, you can find good handsets at fair prices.

Durability and resistance

Normally, the professional hair dryer is lighter than the domestic ones, and is made of nobler materials that do not heat easily, therefore, have greater strength and durability.


It is undeniable that professional dryers have more advanced technologies than others, which is why they are called professionals because they have all the necessary functionality to facilitate the routine work of someone.

Currently, it is possible to find in the market hair dryers that are true moisturizers of the hair that, besides facilitating brushing, reduce the damage caused by high temperatures.See some innovations:

• Air Redirector: They have nozzles (usually come in two sizes in the professional kit) that aim to help the air outlet, making it directed to the right place, not expanding. Therefore, the air distribution is uniform.

• Ions: The existence of both positive and negative ions in these devices has benefited the wires regarding the opening and closing of the cuticles.In addition to softening frizz, they provide shine and softness to the hair.

• Cold air: Cold air helps to close the scales of the wire and make them brighter.

• Diffusers: Diffusers are ideal accessories for those who have curly hair and like to keep their curls loose.


Ceramic Plate: The ceramic plate keeps the dryer temperature constant longer, saving energy and minimizing dryness.

• Noise: Professional dryers are less noisy than others.

Even after introducing some benefits of professional compared to domestic dryer, if you have not yet answered your questions, here are some tips for choosing the ideal appliance.



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Being well prepared to ride long distances Road Bike Adventure is the longing of many cyclists. Perhaps it is the most exciting challenge in cycling , as it is where many go beyond their own limits, meet challenging goals and reach places never before explored. But that requires a lot of preparation.

Riding long distances is not easy. To make the most of the adventure, you need proper training, skill, proper clothing and cycling, and of course good nutrition. Professional accompaniment is a differential for those who have in mind to ride long distances


The GCN (Global Cycling Network) site talks about three key factors for those who want to ride long distances: willpower, readiness and focus.But it goes further.Using certain techniques will give you an important gas to move on.

    • Start Slow
      "If you go too fast, you will burn a lot of carbohydrate instead of fat.You have a limited carbohydrate load, even if you ate well the night before.So for the start, make sure you ride comfortably.Then, evaluate how you feel, see if you can increase your pace and, most importantly, sustain it, ”says GCN.
    • Don't Overstep Your Limits at the Beginning
      It is important to keep control of yourself in the first stage as your energies can run out very quickly, which means you will have problems the rest of the way.
    • Feed from the Start
      Be sure to feed only when you are hungry or thirsty."It will probably be too late,” says GCN.Try what makes you better, as some food (or drink) may be good for some, but not so good for others.
    • Mental Strength and Focus
      "It can be hard to stay motivated for hours and hours, so it's good to ask yourself why you're doing this, focusing on positive things and blocking negative ones. Try not to think about the discomfort and pain in your legs. Focus on how you will feel when you reach your goal, ”says GCN. Another good tip is to set intermediate goals as a place to visit along the way.
    • Vacuum
      Taking another rider's vacuum will save you up to 30% of your energy while you stay at the same speed.
    • Mechanics
      Be sure to bring basic bicycle repair tools, such as a mini pump.
    • Wear proper clothes
      Imagine riding long distances in a freezing, rainy cold without proper clothing… Your ride will become a nightmare! Wear comfortable clothes and be sure to check the weather forecast.
    • Bike
      Every piece and gram, engineering and aerodynamics count for a lot to make your experience the best.So make sure that the bike you have will meet your expectations.She should be good enough to make you as comfortable as possible.


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